Track All Sports is a premium scouting service that works closely with teams to help them identify rugby prospects. We are also a leader in the industry of creating great quality highlights reels for rugby players. Our services have been used by a lot of the top prospects in South Africa as well as agencies who use our services to create videos for their clients.

Our analysts look at all the top prospects from all over the country where we track their athletic performance and on-field rugby performance. All the players on our database have been vetted and will have good quality footage that will be made available to your team. We will help you discover the best talent in South Africa.

Track All Sports works closely with teams to help them with their scouting and recruitment process. This gives us an edge because we know exactly what teams look for when scouting prospects and what they want to see on film before they start recruiting a prospect. We keep that in mind when making highlights reels for our clients so that we can create something that will improve your chances of getting spotted by teams.


Track All Sports the premium scouting service .


Track All Sports was established in 2020 with the idea of helping improve the way South Africa’s best young prospects are evaluated